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Max came to me as a 12 week old puppy, that had been bought on an impulse, from a pet store.  The owner was a very young woman in her early 20's with a toddler and living with her boyfriend.  Being overwhelmed, by a new puppy and a baby, the boyfriend said you either have to spend more time training the puppy or you need to find him a new home.  Thanks to the boyfriend the lady contacted (this site) and they contacted me, and I took the puppy in as my first pem rescue as an independent rescuer. 
I probably had Max a whole month when I met a young couple at an agility trial.  The young woman was an aussie person and already had one and her boyfriend wanted to get a pembroke.  Needless to say Rachel and Jason adopted Max and he began his new life by going to work with Jason every day, where he and the co-worker's BC would do their job by chasing the geese off the golf course. 
Rachel decided to also include Max in her performance training along with her aussie.  Rachel and Jason have since married and moved to the east coast, but I still get regular updates about Max and his three aussie siblings and his two human children.  Max has become a much loved pet and has fit right into their household and I could not ask for a better home for one of my rescues.  :-)
Max is now officially known as:  Raejay's Mighty Maximus CD RAE PT AX AXJ NAP NJP


 Update on Timmy:


Timmy is now known to the AKC as High Flying Espresso UD, RN, HSAs, OA, AJ.  He also has his Canadian Kennel Club CDX and RA.  In 2008, he was he #1 Corgi in Canada, for obedience, according to Dogs in Canada magazine.  In addition to the AKC titles, Timmy has his AHBA HTAD1s title his ASCA STD1s title and the PWCCA VC award.

He is my little buddy and my shadow.  The journey he has taken my heart on has been truly one that I never expected or thought I would ever take.  To think he was someone else's discard and now he is a top show dog, is truly a miracle.


They call me Tigger.  I don’t look so bouncy here, though, but I FEEL like Tigger.  I got my name from Kathy, who met me at the Franklin County, Ohio dog pound, and thankfully, got me out of my little kennel.  I was really happy!  I thought she was a nice lady, and she thought I was pretty bouncy like that orange and black striped Tigger, in spite of my bad leg, thus my name.  She took me to Cincinnati where a doctor fixed my broken leg.   He told Kathy that it was broken in more than one place, had been broken for at least two months, and he had to rebreak one of the places so he could put the pins in to fix it.  When he got done, I sure didn’t feel like it was fixed and I felt anything but  bouncy.  The next morning, Kathy took me to a different town to meet Jo Anne, the person they called my foster person.  She took me to her house, where I had to get used to an e-collar, taking my medicine, a leash, that other dog, and a new routine.  I wasn’t sure I was going to like all of this, but as I began to feel better, I knew it was going to be better than that kennel at the dog pound. You know, that felt pretty good, although I had several visits with the vet to get neutered and to get the pins removed from my leg,   The vets really liked me and I loved seeing all of the other dogs that came to see them, too.  I discovered that when you’re good for them, they give you treats!    After a few days, I was able to actually move my fixed leg and use it like I should!  It would take some time to get that leg to work properly most of the time, but I started practicing by walking with that other dog, and we had a good time.  Just when I began to feel like I was home, I went for yet another ride in the car, where we went to meet Jennifer.  I didn’t know that Jennifer needed a Tigger in her life, but that’s why we met her.  She took me to her house where I met her other corgi, Tyler, and her kitty.  I’ve been at her house now for several weeks and I really am home!  Such fun Tyler and I have with Jennifer!  She really loves us and enjoys us.  My leg is getting stronger and better all the time and life is good!