Pembroke Corgi Rescue

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                                Contact Us

If you are interested in a particular dog that you see on the Available Dogs page, then please write to that person directly.  Just because there are few dogs listed there does not mean there aren't dozens more in rescue right now. A good place to start is the Finding a Local Rescue button above, look in your area and contact that rescue.  I will list dogs as they are given to me to list.

If you have a corgi to give up, then please see the page "Finding a Local Rescue" to contact someone in your state or nearby.  You may contact me at kallista (at)  You will have to remove the "at" and replace it with "@" and remove the spaces.  This is to protect us against spammers and unneccessary junk mail.  Please include your full name, a current email address, phone number if you like and WHERE you are so that I can put a rescue worker in contact with you.  If you don't hear back from someone in a few days, please do write us again, all I can do is pass along the information and get someone to contact you, but I will follow up if you don't hear back from the other person.

If you would like to foster a dog or two, please also contact a local corgi rescue. We are desperate for good foster homes that can help us out.  If you can't foster, please see the How Can I Help? button above.  Helping in rescue is much more than keeping a dog for a period of time until a new home is found. 

Thank you!